CPD – Continuing Professional Development

Ninth Floor Selborne Chambers regularly conducts (usually via Zoom) Continuing Professional Development presentations on various legal topics.

Usually chaired by Michelle Painter SC, members speak on topics that align with the floor’s practice areas.

Previous CPDs are listed below along with the topics covered. The presentations can also be found on our YouTube channel.



To stay up to date with upcoming CPDs, please email our Clerk to be added to the floor’s invite list. Alternatively, follow us on LinkedIn where invitations are posted two weeks prior.

CPD – Continuing Professional Development

Ninth Floor Selborne Chambers has recently started conducting CPDs via zoom since the the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of the members have provided insight into various matters. The CPDs are listed below as well as the topics covered.

Videos of the CPDs can be provided as requested as well as some of the papers.

Sam Adair, Phil Lonergan and Josh Sukkar discuss the benefits, risks and future of AI in the courts.h

Chaired by Michelle Painter SC

Garry McGrath SC: Errors in fact and errors in law.

Nicole Maddocks: The re-exercise of power: s 33(1) of the Acts Interpretation Act, Makasa and XJLR.

Phillip Thomas: Materiality and the interpretation of executive power.

Chaired by Michelle Painter SC

Jack Hynes - Developments in insolvency

Thomas Bagley - Practical issues in insolvency duty matters

Michael Swanson - Recovery from trusts in insolvency proceedings


Chaired by Michelle Painter SC

Andre Zahra - Insurance and professional liability

Giles Stapleton - Family Law

Thomas Bagley - Class Actions

Frank Tao - Insolvency



Chaired by Michelle Painter SC

Phil Lonergan: Virgin Australia administration - an update on the proposed sale and bondholder actions

Blake O’Connor: Tracing in insolvency - Court’s approach to intermingled funds in a Ponzi scheme

David Knoll AM: Strata schemes and insolvency

Frank Tao: Two months from the insolvency cliff edge - what’s next?



Chaired by Michelle Painter SC

Michelle Painter SC: Court of Appeal update- Provision for widows: how Steinmetz v Shannon changed the landscape

David Knoll AM: Family Provision applicants don’t always win- the sorry tale of the unsuccessful cross dressing widower

Adrian Maroya: Aspects of evidence in FPA cases - the Evidence Act and facilitation of proof

Dean Elliott: Practical matters- what to put into a family provision affidavit- and what not to


Chaired by Michelle Painter SC

Thomas Bagley and Blake O'Connor: Class actions against companies in financial distress

Frank Tao: Experiences of a remote hearing against a self-represented litigant

Simon Shepherd: Closing submissions to an 8-week hearing in the Equity Division without oral addresses: key takeaways


Chaired by Michelle Painter SC

Dean Elliott: Covid-19 challenges for commercial landlords

Sam Sykes: Implications of Kirby v Dental Council for professional conduct proceedings

Adrian Maroya: Proof in the law of evidence

Giles Stapleton: Update on Court responses to Covid-19



Chaired by Michelle Painter SC